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Frequently asked questions

  • No! BillMe is not a POS nor a billing system. BillMe is an “accessory” to the billing system. It integrates with your existing billing system & helps you send digital bills & engage with your customers.

  • The customer receives the digital bill via SMS in from of a link. The customer does not have to download any additional app to see the bill. Here is a sample bill link for your reference

  • BillMe dashboard is a website through which you can manage your business. This dashboard helps you manage your BillMe account, view the collected data & use other tools which help you engage & acquire customers.

  • BillMe works with all POS/billing systems in the world. You just have to install the software & change your printer setting to “BillMe”. It takes less than 10 mins to install & setup BillMe.

  • BillMe is for both businesses and consumers. For businesses BillMe has a desktop software for sending the bills digitally and other engagement features that use big data & Artificial intelligence to acquire, engage & retain customers.
    For consumers there is BillMe App that can be used to receive & store all your bills in one place.

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